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FitParents’s mission is to help and support all parents to stay fit, healthy and active during pregnancy, after birth, and through all other periods of parenthood. Our classes are for future and new mothers, fathers, and already seasoned, experienced parents. Our goal is to create exercise schedules, recreational and sports activities, and give you the best incentive and encouragement to move and exercise.

We have designed our classes to fit your situation and needs. Check out and sign up for one of our FitParents classes, Fit Mum & Mum-to-be classes, our Trial classes and our Events!

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    What is FitParents and Why it is Good for You

    Stay fit with your baby and your partner!

    FitParents is a fitness programme dedicated to new mums and dads, giving them the opportunity to stay in shape while enjoying the company of their children and each other.


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    FitParents classes are the perfect combination of exercise, energy boost, and attention to your baby, your body, your partner! Focused on creating and maintaining a tonic and harmonious body, FitParents classes aim to improve your overall body tone, condition, and health. All instructors are certified by FitParents!


    Exercise Anytime, Anywhere!

    What does it really mean to exercise? Good exercise is just moving in a healthy way and strengthening your body. Do we have to be in a gym or a fitness class to do that? Of course not! Fitness classes are important but if we go and slump in front of our computers right

    Enjoy the Autumn Air!

    Can you feel it? Autumn is here! After the summer heat we can breathe more easily now. Going outside can feel more rejuvenating than ever. We have talked about the benefits of fresh air before but autumn is really a wonderful time to enjoy them. Read on to learn some reasons why! Worried about

    Back to Training After the Birth of Your Baby

    “It feels so good to go back to shape after pregnancy! Training 2-3 times a week with FP is wonderful. And there is so much more! Just what I needed!” These are the words of one of the mums who come to our FitParents classes and they illustrate perfectly the joy and the excitement

    5 Reminders to Help Preserve Your Mental Health in a Global Crisis

    While some countries are beginning to ease their measures against Coronavirus and some aren’t yet, the pandemic is far from over and it may take a while before everything feels normal again. This situation can have a serious impact on our mental health. And, because our minds are just as important to keep fit

    Stay home, stay active!

    Hello, hello! How are your energy levels today? Are you staying home to help slow the spread of COVID-19? Well done for being a lovely responsible person! But it probably means that you haven’t been exercising as much as usual. The occasional walk to the shop isn’t enough, is it? On top of that,