“It feels so good to go back to shape after pregnancy! Training 2-3 times a week with FP is wonderful. And there is so much more! Just what I needed!”

These are the words of one of the mums who come to our FitParents classes and they illustrate perfectly the joy and the excitement of becoming active again after the birth of your baby. Here’s what you need to know about returning to exercise post-pregnancy:

The wonderful process of rediscovering yourself

You were beautiful when you were pregnant and you are beautiful now. When we say “being in shape”, this means feeling strong, healthy and energised. Wanting to have fun and feel great is a much better motivation for joining a FitParents class than a sense of fear that your body doesn’t look the way it used to. If you’ve recently given birth and are now coming back to training, these classes will be a celebration of the amazing things that your body has done – and can do! You will be able to enjoy physical activity with a renewed sense of freedom. The extra strength you will gain will help you in the months ahead as you take care of your baby. You have spent a long time thinking of yourself and your unborn child as one inseparable unit. Now you get to rediscover yourself and get to know your little one as a separate, autonomous person. An exercise class for parents allows you to both bond with your baby (if you choose to bring them) and do something nice for yourself. Everybody wins!

Finding the perfect pace

There is no timeline that you have to follow when you’re getting in shape after pregnancy, no deadline and no hard goals. It’s best to listen to your body and a qualified instructor can help you do that. Some people bounce back quicker than others but a FitParents class is not a competition. We recognise everyone’s strengths and needs and do everything possible to make sure no one ever feels left behind. No matter your starting point, you will be able to move forward at a pace that’s right for you and we will celebrate with you your constant improvement.

Never alone

Even if you have the most loving family who are always there for you, when you have a very young baby, finding the time to have a social life outside of your house is both very important and very difficult. Training with other parents can help shape your weekly schedule, as well as give you much needed human interaction and support. Having regular training sessions to look forward to will prevent your day-to-day life from seeming monotonous and will protect you from feeling lonely and isolated. You will always have people to share your thoughts and concerns with. Practising together will give you and your fellow FitParents members an immediate common ground and shared memories – the perfect base for lasting friendships.

With so many benefits there is really no reason not to join a class as soon as it is safe after the birth of your baby. It may help make your days as a new mother so much easier and better.