Exercise Anytime, Anywhere!


What does it really mean to exercise? Good exercise is just moving in a healthy way and strengthening your body. Do we have to be in a gym or a fitness class to do that?

Exercise Anytime, Anywhere!2021-11-10T15:48:27+01:00

Enjoy the Autumn Air!


Can you feel it? Autumn is here! After the summer heat we can breathe more easily now. Going outside can feel more rejuvenating than ever. We have talked about the benefits of fresh air before

Enjoy the Autumn Air!2021-11-10T15:46:09+01:00

Stay home, stay active!


Hello, hello! How are your energy levels today? Are you staying home to help slow the spread of COVID-19? Well done for being a lovely responsible person! But it probably means that you haven’t been

Stay home, stay active!2021-11-08T14:42:04+01:00


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