Family Friendly Movement

These classes are designed for families to move together in a creative and adventurous way.

What’s special about it?

With increasingly urban lives and less time to spend in nature, this is for you parents and your children to revitalise, replenish and rediscover the healthy relationship with your bodies, peers, community and habitat.

This class includes fun interactive exercise games for the whole family and provides a great atmosphere to strengthen family bonds and socialise with other families. It is designed to improve your mood, keep you in shape and give you energy, while teaching your kids the joy of movement from an early age.

Where is it?

Lux-Merl. See location information here

When is it?

See our classes schedule here

Who is it for?

Parents and kids that aim at moving and exercising with fun. No minimum level is required.

How to join?

You can join any of our classes by signing up for any FitParents membership option.

Our membership levels are the same across all our classes. You can even mix and match classes!

Already a member?

Join us for an enriching morning of nature connection, vigorous movement, games, and a lot more!

Already a member?

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