Fit Mamas During Pregnancy

Fit Mamas During Pregnancy is a class that prepares pregnant women to the marathon of childbirth.

What’s special about it?

Lessons are structured with the same natural rhythm of labour: an intensive phase is followed by a recovery and relaxation phase on the same principle as a contraction (wave) is followed by a break.

FitParents pregnancy training exercises are particularly focused on mobility, pelvic opening and one fundamental muscle: the perineum which is very important both in childbirth and for a woman’s general well-being.

It is a rhythm that repeats and teaches participants the tricks of nature, preparing the expecting mothers well. With prolonged breaths the mother can take better advantage of the space and time to recover and cope with the next wave.

The lessons are creative and diverse as the feminine nature. They alternate different styles: in addition to healthy free body exercises, variations are offered with other small equipment.

Expecting mothers will also learn special breathing techniques like the breath of birth (apana wind in yoga). This type of breathing is synchronized with the tonic exercise movements and is a technique which can be used during birth. However, mothers preparing for a planned cesarean section will also benefit from the techniques in this class as they will allow them to meet the date calm, fit and prepared.

Where is it?

Lux Centre Ville, Lux-Merl. See location information here

When is it?

See our classes schedule here

Who is it for?

Expecting women. Partners are also welcome!

How to join?

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Join us for an enriching class of nature connection, controlled movement, fun and a lot more! In case of bad weather classed are held at the classroom. All details are given to the participants.

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