Fit Parents in Balance – Without Baby

This class is great for working mums or stay-at-home mums whose baby is at crèche or daily care. This class is also very good for the moms of older children who would like to get fit the healthy way, even if they’ve given birth years earlier.

What’s special about it?

Our aim here is to start (or continue) the healthy exercise, respecting the FitParents principles, even if your baby or child is not with you. We will focus on a healthy workout for the specific parts of mother’s that have changed during pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum. Each class is adapted to the participants, taking into account hormonal changes, breastfeeding and other factors. All specific needs are considered in the programme. The social aspect of the classes is also great — meeting other working or stay-at-home mums and getting a breath of fresh air is so important to keep the balance!

The trainers adapt the classes to the fitness level and languages of the participants. No, you don’t need to be already Fit to join the fun!

Where is it?

Lux Centre Ville, Lux-Bonnevoie, Bertrange. See location information here

When is it?

See our classes schedule here

Who is it for?

All mums and partners without baby.

How to join?

You can join any of our classes by signing up for any FitParents membership option.

Our membership levels are the same across all our classes. You can even mix and match classes!

Already a member?

Join us and meet other working and stay-at-home mums and get a breath of fresh air to keep the balance! In case of bad weather classes are held at the classroom. All details are given to the participants.

Already a member?

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You can sign up for a trial class or a one-off class before you commit.

Curious to learn more?

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