Join FitParents

It is very easy and rewarding to join FitParents!

Our membership levels are the same across all our classes, so you can decide which ones are best fit for you and take those. You can even mix and match classes!

While choosing the membership option that is good for you, please do not worry if you’ll have to miss a class for pediatricians appointments or other. We are all parents, we fully understand! You’ll be able to catch up on the missed classes, as long as you account is active.

FitParents Membership Levels

Fit Parents

€89per month
  • Attend up to 4 classes per month
  • Any classes included

Fit Parents FLEXI

€99per month
  • Attend any number of classes per month.
  • 50% off for your partner to join the classes as well
  • Suspend the subscription in case of baby birth or holiday

Drop In

  • Select the number of classes you’d like to join
  • Join the purchased classes in the next 12 months.

Gift membership

You choose!
  • Chose one of several gift options for your friends

Classes are running all year through and you can start at any date if you are pregnant and after 6 weeks from the birth of your baby, provided that your pregnancy or postnatal check-up was ok. If you join us during your pregnancy you can freeze your subscription and continue later on, with your baby.

With each subscription you can choose to join any available class, any day and different days per week. For example it can be one week on Monday and the next on Thursday. In case of holiday or special needs we are flexible.