• The Gift Certificate for Fit Parents Classes – Basic lets you attend 4 classes every month, including dance classes. Your partner can join classes like the Super Dads classes for 50% off. This is a great gift for parents who are trying to stay fit while keeping it simple.
  • This gift card is for super-fit parents trying to take their fitness level a notch higher. The card gives parents access to any number of classes every month to both parents. The Flexi card comes with options like family, dance, and super dads’ classes along with stipulated walks. The subscription can be cancelled in case of a holiday or baby birth. Now opt for fitness that comes with a touch of flexibility.
  • As they say, the more the merrier. Do not let fitness be a hobby for one month, but a habit of a lifetime. If you are looking for a way to encourage your fellow parents to stay fit and save a few bucks on the way, choose Gift Certificate for Fit Parents classes – 6 months SAVER Basic, instead of the one-month gift card. The super saver card comes with all the options included in the Basic package. But then, you pay just $329, instead of $414! How great is that?
  • Gone are the days when bouquets and baby diapers were the only gifts you could give to would-be parents or a mother. Today you can give them the gift of fitness with FitParents. Our Gift Certificate for Fit Parents classes – 6 months SAVER Flexi gift card gives you the option to spread the fitness mantra around. Avail all facilities of a Flexi card, for not just one, but six months! Yes, you heard that right. But that is not all. Your pockets get a chance to smile too! Pay only $449 instead of $594 and save those extra bucks.
  • Has staying fit become a concern post parenthood? No worries. The Gift Certificate for MammaFit Book and DVD has all the essential knowledge and information that you need to stay fit even amidst the tough schedule of a parent. Watch the DVD or read our MammaFit book to know all exercises and tips that you can follow to stay in your fit best as a mother. Moreover, it comes at a very reasonable price and can prove to be a very useful asset for a friend.
  • Not sure if you are willing to be a part of our fitness classes at FitParents? Worried if they are actually helpful? Why not opt for a trial class at first? Even if you wish to give this to your friends or a parent, they get the opportunity to try It out for a short period of time before making a final decision. The Gift Certificate for FitParents Trial Class is a perfect choice for parents who are still considering their options when it comes to fitness. Try before you choose.


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