FitParents Training Programme

Are you a fitness or sports trainer? Do you feel close to the pre-and post-natal world? Do you love children or simply would you like to launch yourself in a new adventure and explore a new part of the fitness world?

If you would like to take part in the FitParents official training to start FitParents classes in your sports centre or in your town with our support, organization and training, please contact us.

FitParents Trainer

All certified instructors have completed a detailed program specifically designed for pregnant women and women in the postpartum period. The program includes biomechanics of pregnancy, body adaptations during pregnancy and after childbirth, pelvic floor rehabilitation, a specific program for abdominal muscles (abdominal diastase), diaphragmatic breathing, together with the practical part of the classes, exercises, toning up, stretching, relaxation, circuit and interval training.

Lecturers in courses for FitParents instructors are all highly qualified professionals and are passionate about their subject; they transmit precise ideas and enthusiasm for the work that the future instructors will do with moms. The course in fact was created in collaboration with the National Institute of osteopathy in Milan, a center of excellence in the care of pregnant women and of the mother.

Would you like to become a FitParents instructor in Luxembourg? Please contact us.

Why this training programme

Unfortunately, many issues specific to osteopathy and obstetrics are not generally part of the classic formation of a sports or fitness instructor, such as matters related to osteopathy and obstetrics, changes of posture of a woman during pregnancy and the postpartum period, or else changes in the pelvic floor.

Whereas midwives know that it is crucial to start working with the pelvic floor before the abdominals, what do we know about it at the fitness academies? Abs, a vulnerable point for the majority of women must be treated with a focused and specific program. The mother who has just given birth does not know that her abdominal rectus muscles have separated in the first months before birth, and has no knowledge of the exercises that can help the stomach to become flat.

The FitParents training programme was created for this purpose, with the collaboration of a team of osteopaths and midwives.

Would you like to become a FitParents instructor in Luxembourg?

If you would like to become a FitParents instructor in Luxembourg please contact us.