Our world has been different in the past few months. For many of us life has been slower than usual. We’ve been seeing less of other people but much more of those we live with. Maybe Covid-19 has encouraged us to rethink some things. In the spirit of looking for the silver lining, let’s take a moment to be grateful for some of the things our temporary confinement to our homes has brought us.


Perspective is an extremely valuable thing! Faced with an enormous danger, we have realised how small some of our daily problems truly are. In being separated from some of the people we love, we have learned to appreciate them better. In losing some of our freedom and the small pleasures in our life, we will enjoy them all the more when they return. We have become more sensitive to the suffering of others and acutely aware of how small the world really is. The spread of the virus has been a demonstration of how connected and dependent on each other we all are. We can no longer so easily wave off tragedies in other parts of the globe as not our problem because we have seen how devastation in one place can send ripples everywhere. We are more prepared to be responsible and compassionate.

Stronger connections

Having nowhere to escape has maybe been hard sometimes but we have also strengthened our bonds with those around us. Going through this difficult time has shown us what we’re made of and proven that together we can overcome any difficulty. We have adapted and compromised, but most of all, we have learned! We understand each other better after observing each other’s daily lives more closely than before and participating in things we may have otherwise been absent for. We have perhaps forged better connections even with those who were not physically there. Digital technology has allowed us to stay in touch and we have called our friends and family more often than before, both needing their support and wanting to offer ours. Many of us have even reconnected with friends we hadn’t spoken to in years.

Appreciation for science and art

In everyday life, unless we are directly involved with them, we are not always aware of the true value of scientific research and artistic endeavours. Both science and art are often underfunded as many people don’t fully understand their value until there is a crisis. We start to see things better when our lives are dependent on the discovery of a vaccine and we desperately crave theatre, cinema, literature and all forms of art to preserve our hope, happiness and sanity while we feel unsafe and imprisoned. The way scientists worldwide have pooled their resources and are exchanging knowledge and expertise in the fight against this disease is inspiring. At the same time, artists and creators have found new ways to reach us. They have adapted to an online audience and even given us so much free content to keep our souls nourished.

While there is a lot that we’ve lost, these are only some of the things we have gained. What others can you think of?